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Ohiopyle State Park

The Ohiopyle State Park in Southwestern Pennsylvania is a must see for its beauty, activities, and variety of terrain.

The featured attraction is fourteen miles of the Youghiogheny, a picturesque, rugged river that carves its way through the Laurel Highland valley. With three major metropolitan populations within a day’s drive, the Ohiopyle State Park sees millions of visitors annually looking for an escape into the wilderness.

It sits on over 20,000 acres of rugged landscape that provides visitors with a variety ecosystems, giving them plenty to escape to. There is an abundance of forest area to enjoy, exciting overlooks, mountain trails, vertical rock walls, majestic waterfalls, and of course the beauty of the Youghiogheny river.

Enjoying the scenery and fresh air is nice, but that same natural beauty offers a ton of opportunities for activities. There is plenty of camping near trails and the forest, so there is always lots of relaxed hiking and biking available.

But there is also a zip line adventure park, rock climbing with rope for beginners and experienced climbers, natural waterslides, and the most challenging and sought after activity at Ohiopyle, whitewater rafting.

You can drop into the Youghiogheny for either a gentle version of whitewater rafting in the Middle Yough, or go for it by challenging yourself to class three and four white water rapids on the Lower Yough. Both will give you a day on the river you’ll not soon forget.

Ohio State Park

Pennsylvanians have been enjoying the natural landscape of the Laurel Highlands for many years, brought on by some early development.

A National Road was built near the park in 1811 to accommodate settlers and farmers in the area. Railroads introduced soon after were instrumental in growing the lumber industry. Those same railroads brought city dwellers out to the area to explore the natural beauty of the landscape.

Tourist came out in droves from Pittsburgh by rail to see the waterfalls, mountains, and the Youghiogheny. Resorts sprouted up all over. These resorts were massive with bowling alleys, tennis courts, boardwalks, and dancing pavilions.

The automobile put an end to these resorts and most were torn down. But in returned it brought back more of the area’s original ecology, and the Ohiopyle State Park was born. 

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There’s plenty to do on the weekends. You could go to a park, visit some great restaurants, or even just sit back and relax. You could also use your weekends to learn and appreciate some culture. Most notably, you could head to the Fallingwater house in Mill Run. This house was designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, whose work speaks volumes in not only structural integrity, but also the unique and alluring designs that make up some of the world’s most famous buildings. What better way to appreciate his work than by standing in it? This is your guide to the Fallingwater house.

A Brief History of Fallingwater

Fallingwater House

Fallingwater was originally a collection of cabins by a waterfall that was owned by the Kaufmann family, who also owned the Kaufmann’s Department Store. After the cabins had deteriorated, Edgar Kaufmann Sr. sought out the help of Frank Lloyd Wright to design an ideal home that was perfect for entertaining a large number of guests. Despite the limited space available for such a venue, Frank Lloyd Wright got inventive with his design that not only encompassed the waterfall, but allowed for open spaces that defied conventional architecture.

Construction began on the home in 1936 and was finished in 1939. However, during the initial construction and the finalizing of the overall designs, there were quite a few setbacks. Wright and Kaufmann often disagreed on certain design implementations, as well as the costs that went into the continuous construction. After the home was finally completed, the Kaufmann’s used it as their weekend getaway until 1963 when Edgar Kaufmann Jr. donated the home to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. Since then, Fallingwater hosts more than 120,000 people each year who come to see the artistic home.

Heading to See It for Yourself

Fallingwater House

Now that Fallingwater is open to the public, it’s your chance to check out the amazing design that has made this home one of the most sought-after architectural structures. Time magazine has referred to the house as “Wright’s most beautiful job,” while Smithsonian’s Life List added it to the “28 places to visit before you die.” Luckily, you can cross it off your list, because getting to see this beautiful design is easy.

Plan your trip to Fallingwater with your family or friends. In order to gain access to the home, and join a guided tour, you’ll have to reserve tickets. The staff here offers a variety of options, including a guided tour, an in-depth tour, a grounds pass, a sunset tour, and even a brunch tour. Falling Water even hosts weddings and events.

Whether you’re attending an event or booking a tour, Fallingwater is certainly a breathtaking sight. Make sure to plan your trip and figure out which tour you’d like to take. It’s you’re chance to stand inside one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s crowning achievements in architecture.

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